Your first Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard – where to order

Rhythmic gymnastics is a very bright, spectacular and feminine kind of sport! Everything attracts here — grace of sportswomen, bright leotards for rhythmic gymnastics, worldwide fame of champions, large-scale and interesting competitions, and healthy lifestyle! So there is absolutely no wonder why parents want to send their child to the classes as early as possible! Let us find out at what age it is better to start.

Champion’s age — when to enroll a child in a class?

Observant parents can notice a child’s inclination for this kind of sport at a very young age. For example, Alina Kabaeva, the Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics, started training at 3 years! According to her, her mother noticed the first signs of inclinations and brought her, at first, to an ordinary group where children trained rhythmic gymnastics in a playing form, or rather “played it” as Alina puts it. Such groups still exist and, no matter if there are any abilities, you can fearlessly take your child to such classes — kids dance a lot and play there.

Don’t hurry to leave your child at the first group you’ve come across — choose the best trainer, who will love his occupation and adore children!

The trainer should possess good psychology skills to understand the behavior of future gymnasts, which is often confusing for adults. Besides, such a teacher will offer exactly those games and activities that are to every kid’s liking in the group. It’s extremely important to cultivate love to this sport — the future champion will learn the discipline later, will develop his or her art to the unprecedented heights, overcoming tiredness, fighting the misfortunes... All that — later, and now the main thing is to learn to love rhythmic gymnastics! Perhaps it is worth following the example of Alina Kabaeva’s mother and taking your child to such playing classes as early as possible.

Serious sport — from the first exercises to the first competitions!

Already since 4-5 years kids are gradually loaded, and offered to surpass new and new heights of this sport, and not every child, having come across such tasks, would really want to reach the aim! Moreover, it is important to clarify the goals — if you just want to strengthen the child’s health, it is not necessary to take him or her to a professional school, but if you dream of the future champion’s title, you and your child should be morally ready for future difficulties.

USA, Denmark, Canada, and Australia — each of these countries has its own rhythmic gymnastics school, but exactly Russian roots are traced in most cases. Exactly the sportswomen from Russia, where the roots of rhythmic gymnastics were formed, are most often invited to head the national schools in certain countries. The same could be said of the leotards for competitions — all countries watch the order in which champions will appear, so that to order the sewing of a leotard at least in a few details similar to the champions’ ones.

Rivalry is very strong in this kind of sport — a high level of mastery had been reached long ago! Now champions demonstrate not just human, but superhuman abilities! Taking a child to the professional school of rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics or figure skating, parents should realize what a burden the future champion will have to carry on her fragile looking shoulders, and parents should support her in all possible ways.

Sewing the first leotard — when will that happen?

But what you can never reach in this sport is the unrestrained fantasy of designers, owing to which new and new models of leotards are born! You can order a leotard, with absolutely unique decorations, idea, or you can combine the ideas you like into one whole, and experienced masters at our studio will implement them in a new way. A rhythmic gymnastics leotard should suit not only the body of a sportswoman, but the music, the exercises, the mood of the sportswoman and her individuality!

Custom-made competition leotards — serious sport begins from them, when a future champion should be shown to a crowd in all the beauty, that’s why you ought to choose the leotard with all the seriousness. And the gymnast herself will feel much more confident, when all the spectators open their mouths because of her stunning looks. That is why you should never leave the choice of such an important element of the performance, as the rhythmic gymnastics leotard, for later, for more serious competitions. Let your child feel irresistible!

It’s absolutely not difficult to choose a custom-made leotard for order — you don’t even need to go for the fitting, if you are far away from the master. Watch the video, how to take measurements correctly, go through this simple procedure and send us the data of your shipping information and other. Modlen Studio is always happy to hear your desires about decoration and design of a leotard and is ready to offer original ideas to you.